Cole Haan's Successful London Pop-Up: A Showcase of Innovation and Style

Cole Haan, the esteemed American brand with a rich 90-year history, has successfully established its first UK presence through a strategic partnership with SOLE|TRADER, located on London’s iconic Oxford Street. This shop-in-shop, which has been warmly received since its opening in Spetember, will continue to offer its unique shopping experience until the end of 2023.

The collaboration between Cole Haan and SOLE|TRADER has proven to be a resounding success, drawing in a diverse crowd of fashion enthusiasts and loyal customers. The shop’s location in the heart of London’s fashion district has played a crucial role in its popularity, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in Cole Haan’s distinctive blend of fashion-forward design and functional innovation.

Alex Souter, Cole Haan’s General Manager in the UK, has praised the venture, noting the positive customer engagement and the effective showcase of Cole Haan’s commitment to quality and innovative design. The shop-in-shop format has allowed for an interactive and engaging retail experience, aligning perfectly with the brand’s philosophy of delivering exceptional craftsmanship.

The featured collections at the shop-in-shop have been particularly well-received. Highlights include the latest GrandPrø sneakers, such as the Wellsley and Ashland models, which combine retro-inspired aesthetics with modern practicality. The refreshed work collection, including versatile pieces like the Venetian Loafer and the GrandPrø Crew Wingtip Sneaker, has also resonated with customers seeking stylish yet functional footwear.

Marcel Bordon, CEO of SOLE|TRADER, has expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, emphasizing the enhanced shopping experience it has offered in one of London’s most vibrant shopping areas. This partnership has allowed SOLE|TRADER to further its mission of providing a diverse range of high-quality footwear to its customers.

The Cole Haan and SOLE|TRADER partnership has not only marked a significant milestone in Cole Haan’s global expansion but has also proven to be a successful venture in connecting with and captivating the UK market. This initiative underscores the brand’s ongoing commitment to blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style and innovation.


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