Clever cat with ‘extra lovable weight’ finds new home

She’s doing her best trick right there (Picture: Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia)

Every pet deserves a home, but some stories of animals in need of new owners have extra potential to tug on our heartstrings.

Take little Rosie, for example, who went viral this week after a shelter posted her pictures.

Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia shared the photos of Rosie on the Facebook, in the hopes that someone would see it and want to rehome her.

She’s an 8-year-old sweetheart, and her favourite activities are eating dry food and being brushed.

The charity also mentioned that she’s got some ‘extra lovable weight’, but when has that ever been a problem for die-hard cat lovers? More to love, we say.

The most interesting thing about Rosie, however, is her incredible talents.

She’s not just house-trained, but trained-trained, and can come when you call her name, as well as sitting when you tell her to.

Rosie has the sweetest markings, and one of those adorable sad faces (you can see why she may have been given extra treats).

Fans of the sweet, clever girl poured in, and in the space of a few hours she’d found a brand home.

The original post was liked thousands of times, and shared about 600 times, showing just how badly people wanted her to find a family.

Now that it’s happened, however, No-Kill Philadelphia don’t want other kitties to miss out on the attention. They updated the post, saying: ‘Rosie has been placed in a new home but ACCT Philly has many adorable cats including some chonks available. Check out Kandi, Kiki, and Loop!’

If you think that might be you – you’ll need to be located in the US – then check out the floofs here.

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