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Christine McGuinness rushes daughter to hospital after suffering an injury

Christine McGuinness rushed her daughter Felicity to A&E after a minor gymnastics injury.

The model, who also has 10-year-old twins Penelope and Leo with Paddy McGuinness, shared a photo from the hospital on social media. She reassured fans that Felicity was doing okay and thanked the NHS Macclesfield Hospital for their care.

Despite going through a divorce, Christine and Paddy continue to live together and co-parent their three children, all of whom have autism.

Paddy recently shared a funny photo of their feet touching as they relaxed and watched TV.

He joked: “Strong high arch game in our house but there can be only one! Who takes the crown and the Pes Cavus bragging rights? Mum or Dad? School boy error leaving my socks on.”

Fans were quick to praise Paddy and Christine for their strong relationship despite their split.

One Instagram user said: “You both have such a lovely relationship regardless of whether it is just as parents or as husband and wife which is no one else’s business. But credit to both of you for ensuring the children are not caught between either parent but is both of your priorities. You are a lovely family.”

Another added: “You two are such an amazing example for your children. Whatever you do, kids come first and you two are freaking winning.”

Model Christine and ex-Top Gear star Paddy tied the knot in June 2011.

She previously opened up about the couple’s split, saying: “I am obviously going through a difficult divorce right now, things are hard, but I will always continue to smile and the reason is because I am my mother’s daughter, she has instilled that in me.”

The star went on: “Obviously there are a lot of changes going on and it’s not easy but I am really looking forward to 2024.”

They have three children together – ten-year-old twins Leo and Penelope and eight-year-old daughter Felicity – who are all on the autistic spectrum.

Christine was diagnosed with autism herself at the age of 33 and has previously said it helped her to understand herself better.


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