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Christine Lampard: Husband Frank talks 'intense' move at home in rare marriage insight

Discussing life at home as a mum, she divulged: “I’ve noticed with my little one, and she’s not even two, but she’s really, very clingy.

“And, [she] has zero interest in socialising at all and I think it’s just, I had been her world entirely.

“In a great way, daddy has as well because he’s away so much normally and we did have that little period of it being really quite nice that he got to know her and she got to know him.

“And obviously he’s back at work now and everything else.”

When asked how she coped when her spouse left their home again after a long period of time together, Christine admitted it was “difficult”.

But seeing the positive side to lockdown, the presenter said she enjoyed spending quality time with her spouse and daughter.


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