Chris Evans, 53, and his radio team were on day two of discussing the “best ideas in the world for a Christmas present” when the host revealed a slightly bizarre item his wife, Natasha, 38, had surprised him with the night before.

Speaking candidly with the rest of the team, Chris began to discuss the item, which wasn’t necessarily a Christmas present, but something that baffled him so much that he thought he should share.

“Ok, here we go!” He said excitedly: “My wife unleashed this last night on me in bed, I thought we’d had as much fun as a Monday could give but there was more to come.”

While telling them what the unusual product that his wife had bought was, he suggested Virgin Radio lay down some new rules for guests before they featured on his show.

“We’re going to do this to all our guests from now on and if they don’t do it, they have to leave,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if they’re big Hollywood stars.”

Natasha left Chris shocked when she produced the item, after he asked his son if he could borrow his Fitbit to test his blood pressure on Monday night.

“I asked for Noah’s Fitbit last night but he said it wasn’t very accurate,” Chris explained.

“And then Tash says, ‘if you want to know you blood pressure I’ll bring down my blood pressure monitor.’”

At this point the studio burst out laughing while Chris still seemed a little confused as to why his wife would own such a machine.

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“I said, ‘your what?’” He giggled: “She bought blood pressure monitor.”

“You can get them now for 20 quid. I brought it in today and we’re going to test the teams blood pressure!” The host said eagerly, as he leant down to pick the machine up.

Branding the day as “test the teams blood pressure Tuesday,” Chris gathered the team and proceeded to take their stats while providing listeners with a live commentary: “They’re brilliant!”

Still surprised at the fact people own blood pressure monitors themselves, the host was even more baffled after his co-star, Vassos Alexander, suddenly perked up: “I have the same one.”

“Have you?!” Chris laughed.

“I went to the doctors to get my blood pressure tested because I had to do one of those silly long races,” Vassos explained: “And their machine wasn’t working, so I bought that exact thing and I’ve got it at home, they’re great.”

But Chris left fans and his team worried for a second when he revealed his results after using the machine weren’t as positive as he’d hoped.

“I plugged it in last night but the news wasn’t good,” he said, ominously.

The studio went silent before he continued: “But I read the leaflet and realised you have to do the test as soon as you wake up for the results to read properly.”

While subjecting his other co-star, Rachel Horne, to a blood pressure test, she referred to the cushion around her arm feeling like “a cuddle”.

“I don’t like feeling my own pulse through the elbow area,” Chris admitted: “But I suppose it’s better than feeling no pulse at all,” he giggled.

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Vassos revealed Chris’ morning results were almost “perfect” for a man of his age, leaving him pretty pleased with the outcome.

But maybe the host’s call for guests to have their blood pressure read when they’re on the show, might not make it into the rule book.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am on Virgin Radio.



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