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Chris Evans: Radio host reveals shock plan for daredevil Tory leadership stunt

The team had been discussing watching George King climb the 310m building in London Bridge. Chris began discussing potentially abseiling the tallest building in the country and EU for charity. A listener of the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show in Essex had, according to Chris, said he wanted to“conquer the Shard with Vassos”.

Chris egged on his colleague, suggesting a forfeit of running a marathon wearing nothing but his underwear.

Vassos did not seem keen on this suggestion at all: “Oh God no, please heavens no.”

The trio then discussed the Tory leadership election with Rachel explaining to Chris a result is expected July 23rd.

Chris suggested an abseiling contest on the Friday before the result with Rachel captaining a girl’s team with Vassos leading the boys.

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He explained: “You (Rachel’s team) could wear Jeremy Hunt masks, those mad sort of scary masks, the big rubber masks and you (Vassos’s team) could wear Boris Johnson masks.”

When Vassos said the last Boris abseil incident did not end well, Chris corrected him to say he was thinking of a zip wire episode, joking: “Get your facts right, Vassos.”

Chris then noted the listeners getting in touch to say interest in getting involved: “Many more woman volunteering here than men, it has to be said.”

Vassos explained why he thought this was the case: “All we’re going to be doing is commentating on the girl’s team and making cups of tea for everyone at the bottom.”

He then suggested just having two girl’s teams with himself as a non-playing captain.

He said at the very least he could be a manager to do the “pep talk”.

Abseiling refers to a controlled calm down a vertical drop using a rock.

In the United States the term “rappelling” is common.

Frenchman Jean Charlet-Straton is considered to be the father of the technique.

Jean reportedly devised the technique climbing down the Petit Dru mountain in 1876.

Abseiling is known to be potentially dangerous with some saying 25 percent of climbing deaths are during abseiling efforts.

Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am.


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