Children’s Halloween cake topper looks much ruder than planned

A lovely cake with a not-so-lovely message (Picture: Facebook)

Don’t you just love a cake fail?

Whether it’s a peacock wedding cake that looks ‘like a turkey with leprosy’ or one that’s leaning to the side and covered with inedible glitter, there’s a (slightly mean) part of us that just loves when someone’s adventures in baking and decorating go horribly wrong.

Maybe that’s because it helps us feel better about our own kitchen disasters.

This particular mishap isn’t down to a lack of culinary skills, however.

Instead it’s all due to a cake topper that looks like it says something rather rude.

A photo of a Halloween themed cake, complete with dripping frosting and some happy ghosts, was shared to an Australian cake-shaming Facebook group (yes, there really is a shaming group for everything).

While the cake itself looks pretty lovely, the person who posted it explained that the words on top are supposed to say ‘trick or treat’… but they look quite a bit like they say ‘f*** off’ instead. Blame how close the r is to the T.

Can you see it? (Picture: Facebook)

Don’t worry, you’re not imagining things – thousands of people on social media see the swear word, too.

But the good news is that most of those who’ve seen it far prefer the idea of a ‘f*** off’ cake. Look at those rude little ghosts.

‘Absolutely love it, the f-word makes it better,’ said one commenter.

Another said: ’10/10 I love this cake for all the reasons it is a fail.’

The good news for the baker (whoever they may be): there’s no need to start from scratch. Either play the insult off as a deliberate trick or sneakily ditch the topper entirely. Easy.

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