Chet Hanks shares father Tom’s hilarious reaction to Kendrick-Drake beef

Chet Hanks has shared his father Tom Hanks’s hilarious reaction after asking his son to explain the Kendrick Lamar – Drake beef to him.

In the last few weeks, Lamar and Drake have made headlines with their feud, which saw the pair launch personal attacks against each other. In the midst of it all, a drive-by shooting occurred outside Drake’s residence.

On Instagram, Chet Hanks shared screenshots of a text message exchange apparently between himself and his father, which began with the Forrest Gump star writing: “Big Main, can you explain the Drake/Kendrick Lamar feud to me?”

Chet responds with a lengthy explanation of the beef between the two rappers, writing: “Yeah, so Drake and this other dude J Cole been saying they along with Kendrick are the ‘Big 3’ in Rap. Then Kendrick put out a song saying, ‘F*** the Big 3, it’s just big ME’ initiating the beef.”

Chet, who himself has rapped under the alias Chet Haze, continues: “Then Drake was like, ‘you got small feet cuz you’re like 5 foot 5 or whatever.’ And then Kendrick was like, you’re a dead beat dad and made fun of his Canadian accent.

“So Drake came back and was like, ‘oh yeah? Well I heard you beat your wife’ but literally like 30 seconds later Kendrick put out a diss overshadowing Drakes diss where he pretty much methodically dismantled Drakes entire psyche and called him a pedophile for flirting with young girls and revealing Drake had another kid that he was hiding from the world, which turned out to be false, and Drake came back and was like ‘hahaha I gotcho ass I had people give you false info to make you look stupid’

Tom Hanks, Kendrick Lamar and Drake (Getty)

“But it didn’t even matter cuz then Kendrick dropped another West Coast banger where he really went in on labeling Drake a pedophile that was pretty much the sonic equivalent of when you took .me to your high school in Oakland and we walked in on the basketball game and everybody started going nuts.

“Like if you heard it you would just automatically know how to Crip walk with a stank face while clutching an Oscar in each hand with Marshawn Lynch, then dap him up and tell him ‘Town Bidness’ which solidified the win not only for Kendrick but the entire West Coast.”

Tom Hanks responded with the incredulous message: “Holy cow! These are fighting words. People taking sides?? Who’s winning??”

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To which Chet Hanks replies: “Did you not just read what I said” and a string of crying-laughing emojis.

The Independent has reached out to Tom Hanks’ representatives to confirm the veracity of the messages.

Earlier this month, Seth Rogen argued that Drake lost the beef with Lamar the moment he started rapping “defensively”.

Read a full timeline of Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s feud here.


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