Chelsea’s league status in JEOPARDY with fears that Abramovich could cause Boehly deal to COLLAPSE – latest updates

Plans for Chelsea owner

LA Dodgers owner Todd Boehly has discussed his plans for Chelsea if he takes over at the club.

He said: “We’ll have four million people coming out to Dodger Stadium this year. So, our goal is to give them the best possible experience.

“We still have the most affordable tickets in the league basically, for a stadium that’s full regularly.

“When you look at how we think about price points, and how we think about sports, we just believe they’re not making more of them, so implicit in that is scarcity value.

“We’ve been really focused on just the super big brands. In some sports like the NFL, they share all the media money. In baseball, you’re really a derivative of your local market.

“The Premier League is similar. If you look at the way it works, to be one of the big brands, you have a structural advantage. And for us, we’re always looking for structural advantages.”


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