Cats Removed from Universal's Awards Consideration Page

Tom Hooper’s Cats can’t seem to catch a break. Universal has now removed the movie from its For Your Consideration page online. Making a big screen adaptation of one of the biggest Broadway Musicals of all time was never going to be an easy task, but there was a decent amount of excitement surrounding the project when it was first announced with Hooper attached to direct. The A-list cast was another reason for people to get excited to see what the musical could look like on the big screen. However, that excitement went straight into the toilet when the first trailer dropped over the summer.

Now that Cats is in theaters, it has been universally panned by viewers and critics. The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical adaptation will not have a chance to redeem itself when awards season comes around now that Universal has dropped it from its For Your Consideration page. While a lot of people are fixated on the creepy visuals, there was, at the very least, the chance of an Academy Award nomination for best special effects or song. That probably won’t be happening now.

The one original song in Cats, “Beautiful Ghosts” by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Taylor Swift, wasn’t even on the Academy Awards shortlist. With that being said, the movie did get one Golden Globe nomination for the song, which is the sole nomination. Tom Hooper’s fever dream reportedly cost over $100 million to produce and has only made $15.3 million in six days, which does not bode well for making any money off of it. The studio rushed to fix some visual effects during the first 48 hours the movie was in theaters after the effects were already given an overhaul from the first trailer.

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Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood joined the world in hating on Cats earlier this week on social media. She has since deleted the video review and subsequent tweets, but they’re all still out there floating around online. The video featured the actress just laughing hysterically and asking, “what the f*ck?” over and over. Wood is not alone as many people are puzzled by what they saw on the big screen over the last week. There’s even a small group of people who are going out of their way to see what all of the fuss is about.

Is Cats really that bad, or is it just a social media band wagon? Negativity always spreads faster than positivity, so that could be the case here, though it definitely all started with the first footage shown at San Diego Comic-Con over the summer. The whole thing looked like a bad acid trip with naked cat people running around. Maybe the movie will end up getting a second life when its released digitally and on Blu-ray next year. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with it. Variety was the first to reveal the Cats news.

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