Catchpoint game show: What are the rules and how to watch?

(Picture: BBC/12Yard/Graeme Hunter)

Paddy McGuinness seems to have the magic touch when it comes to Saturday night TV, which bodes well for his new venture, Catchpoint.

Unlike many of the head-scratch-inducing quizzed on television at the moment, however, this one will be a test of physical as well as mental strength.

The challenges are intricate, and the stress levels for contestants are likely to be high. Here’s what to expect and when to watch.

How does Catchpoint work?

There’s one simple rule that all contestants much adhere to – Don’t drop the ball.

Contestants – in pairs – will be asked a question that is shown on a giant LED wall.

(Picture: BBC/12Yard/Graeme Hunter)

Answers are written on different ‘catch zones’ with ceiling trap doors above, and they must stand in the area of the one they think is correct. If they get the question right, a ball will be dropped from the trap doors.

They must work to make sure that they catch this ball before it hits the ground each round. Otherwise, they’ll lose the prize.

It’s a game of quick reactions and plenty of physicality, which is likely to offer up some much-needed slapstick comedy to your weekend.

How to watch Catchpoint

Catchpoint starts Saturday 23 March 6.50pm on BBC One.

There are six episodes in total, each airing on a Saturday night and lasting half an hour.

You can also catch Catchpoint (heh) on BBC iPlayer afterwards.

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