Casualty dropped from TV schedule tonight – and fans are fuming

Casualty will not be on television tonight, despite it usually airing every Saturday evening.

In its place, BBC One will air Match of the Day Live, an FA Cup match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Manchester United FC.

That means fans will have to wait an extra week for the latest instalment of Casualty.

And viewers have urged the BBC to “stop this nonsense” after all of the recent schedule changes.

“This week the TV has been awful for programmes taken off”

TV fan

One said: “You have got to be joking, BBC One. No Holby City last Tuesday cause of the vote and now no Casualty tonight cause of the footie. Stop this nonsense.”

Another tweeted: “No Holby City on Tuesday because of Brexit, no Casualty tonight because of FA Cup, week from hell at work – I am not a happy bunny.”

And someone else wrote: “This week the TV has been awful for programmes taken off.

“First Loose Women, then Holby, EastEnders and now I’ve looking at the TV mag and there’s no Casualty cause of the football. Utter TV fail.”

Earlier this week, Loose Women was left off the ITV schedule and replaced by coverage of the Cheltenham Festival.

On Tuesday, EastEnders was delayed following live coverage of the Brexit vote, meaning Holby City was dropped.

Instead, Holby will have two episodes next week, meaning fans aren’t missing out on anything.

Then EastEnders was missing on Friday, with Comic Relief 2019 in its place, though there were two episodes on Thursday.

So it sounds like viewers just aren’t enjoying the change, as they’re not actually missing out on much.

Casualty returns to BBC One next Saturday.


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