Capricorns are the most confident in bed, Cancers have the most sex while Aries last the longest – but it’s bad news if you’re a Taurus

IF you lie about how many people you’ve slept with – you’re probably a Virgo or a Gemini.

A fresh survey has revealed the sexual behaviours associated with each of the 12 star signs, from who gets laid the most to who lasts the longest during sex.

 That whip means this lady is probably a Scorpio
That whip means this lady is probably a Scorpio

It’s good news if you’re a Capricorn, Cancer or Aries, as you guys are not only getting it the most but lasting the longest as well – and you’re probably bragging about it too.

Our tarotscope expert Kerry King reveals Aries are “natural born winners” who like to be the best at everything in life, which could explain why they see sex as a marathon.

Cancers simply love “giving and receiving”, so they’re not fussed as long as someone’s getting something, Kerry said.

And Capricorns are “determined, ambitious, alpha-females”, so no wonder they’re confident in bed.

Skyn Condom’s 2019 Sex & Intimacy Survey

  • Capricorn: Most confident in bed
  • Virgo: Under report number of sexual partners
  • Pisces: 30 per cent have had open relationships
  • Libra: Masturbate the most
  • Aquarius: Use lube 51 per cent of the time
  • Leo: Most likely to sext
  • Aries: Last longest during sex
  • Scorpio: Most likely to use restraints
  • Cancer: Has the most sex
  • Gemini: Over report number of sexual partners
  • Sagittarius: Most like to use condoms
  • Taurus: 29 per cent fake orgasms

Pisces and Scorpio aren’t afraid to get a bit wild in-between the sheets, using handcuffs or even a few extra people, with nearly a third of Pisces having had an open relationship.

For the kinky signs, Kerry unveils Scorpios like playing it “nice… and rough too”, while Pisces are “deep people, craving intimacy and strong emotional connections.”

With a lot of needs, no wonder they have a few people on the go.

And it’s safety first for Sagittarius, with the findings revealing they’re the most likely to use a condom.

Kerry explains Sagittarians have wild desires which are often reigned in, and they end up swapping their fantasies for good old fashioned safe sex.

She says: “Naturally energetic and adventurous, Sagittarians enjoy thrilling, illicit encounters.

“Having said that, no one wants a criminal record so perhaps a decent compromise is a ride on the washing machine, at full spin.”

 It's time to Google your partner's birthday (bad luck if they're Taurus)

Getty – Contributor

It’s time to Google your partner’s birthday (bad luck if they’re Taurus)

But it’s bad news if you’re dating a Taurus, as they’re the most likely to fake an orgasm.

Kerry gives some advice to any Taureans who just can’t reach their destination, saying: “Alternate between grinding and circular thrusts, getting you closer to a Big O faster.”

And it’s liar liar pants on fire for Geminis – who say they’ve slept with more people than they have – and Virgos, who do the opposite.

Kerry reveals Geminis are the ‘actresses’ of the zodiac world, who add a “storyline to the action, a narrative to the lust” – which explains the little white lie then.

Virgos on the other hand crave a little more privacy with a “glacial exterior”, so it seems they keep their cards close to their chest – even waiting to reveal them all.

The next time someone slides into your DM’s, we’re betting they’re probably a Leo as the stats showed they sext the most.

And we feel Libras and Aquarius’ should really get together, after the survey revealed the air sign uses lube more than half the time, while Libras masturbate the most.

 Our sexual preferences appear to be written in the stars - so take note of your crush's star sign

Getty – Contributor

Our sexual preferences appear to be written in the stars – so take note of your crush’s star sign

Kerry says that “sensorial pleasure is Librans’ catnip”, which explains why they’re pleasuring themselves so often, while ‘edging’ is the speciality of the Aquarian.

Kerry says: “Edging is all about delaying sexual gratification and orgasm, going right up to the edge of it and then stopping. Recalibrating. Then, starting again.

“You’re almost deconstructing the whole sexual experience.”

Explains all the lube then.

The results were revealed by Skyn Condoms 2019 sex and intimacy survey, with the brand asking 2,000 adults about their sexual habits.

Jeyan Heper, chief executive officer of LifeStyles Healthcare, said: “This year’s survey has unveiled key learnings surrounding the sexual preferences, trends and desires of this growing demographic.

“These insights will ultimately serve to further drive innovation and help us continue creating products that heighten intimacy and promote better sexual experiences for every generation.”

These two are probably both Sagittarius, after a boyfriend ordered his girlfriend to start chipping in for condoms.

There’s no category for porn though, where this guy would fit it into after he sent his girlfriend explicit videos to learn some new moves.

Let’s just say these two probably won’t be getting into bed any time soon, after a woman slammed her ‘rich’ boyfriend’s cheap engagement ring.

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