Capcom plans ‘multiple major new titles’ before March next year

What is Capcom’s plan for the next 12 months? (pic: Capcom)

Those Resident Evil 8 rumours are looking more believable by the minute, as Capcom plans to break sales records over the next 12 months.

The maker of Resident Evil and Street Fighter is looking to smash its own sales records in the next financial year, by selling 28 million games and releasing ‘multiple major new titles’ – the only problem is that we don’t know what any of them are yet.

Capcom doesn’t currently have any new games scheduled for release this year or next, which suggests they’re almost certainly going to make an announcement at Microsoft and/or Sony’s next gen reveal events.

Capcom’s biggest seller in recent years has been Monster Hunter: World, support for which is currently winding down, so if they were looking to break records then a sequel to that would be the obvious way to achieve it, especially if it’s teamed up with a new Resident Evil the same year.

According to their financial results, the company is planning 13 new SKUs (stock keeping units) over the next year, which refers to each individual version of a game. So a game that’s on all current formats would take up four of those slots and one that was also on the next gen consoles another two.

That means there’s not quite that many unique new games as it first sounds, but it probably still amounts to at least two or three major games and other smaller ones.

Other possibilities for new games include a new Marvel Vs. Capcom, an Onimusha reboot or remake, Street Fighter 6, and a revival of Dino Crisis. There’s also the rumoured Resident Evil 4 remake, but that’s believed to be further off than 12 months.

But unlike Resident Evil 8 there’s little to no evidence of anything of any of those, as plausible as some of them may be. Which means no-one has any real idea what Capcom is planning for the next gen – which is actually really exciting.

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