Candis Cayne Recalls Confronting CSI Director Over Inaccurate Portrayal of Trans Women

Candis Cayne is inarguably a trailblazing actress. 

The blonde bombshell first made her TV debut in 1995 but it wasn’t until her 2007 turn on CSI: NY where Cayne got her “first big role,” as she explains in an exclusive sneak peek of E!’s True Hollywood Story: Transgender Hollywood, airing tonight (June 7).

“It was originally for a drag performer to do a Britney Spears-esque style performance on stage and then she gets killed in the men’s bathroom at the stall,” Cayne says of portraying a CSI murder victim.

Yet the premise didn’t sit right with Cayne, who wanted to accurately represent the trans community onscreen. “I went up to the director and I said to her, ‘Listen, I’m trans and no trans woman would go into the men’s bathroom,'” Cayne remembers. “And so I said, ‘I can’t do something that a trans person wouldn’t do on camera.'”  

Thanks to Cayne’s statement, the scene was re-written to instead feature her character being drowned in the ladies’ room toilet.


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