Can you spot Holly Willoughby and Ant and Dec hidden in this Thomas the Tank Engine collage?

THIS image of children’s classic character Thomas the Tank Engine has been created using hundreds of drawings, including famous faces such as Holly Willloughby and Ant and Dec. 

The interactive piece features more than 377 individual artworks of celebrities and children’s best friends, which you can zoom in to see close up here

This piece of artwork was made out of more than 377 individual drawings


This piece of artwork was made out of more than 377 individual drawings Credit: SWNS:South West News Service

The picture was created by Nathan Wyburn, and also includes Peter Andre, Amanda Holden, Stormy, Ed Sheeran and Alesha Dixon. 

Nathan Wyburn said: “I’ve used more than 350 images drawn by children across the UK to make a unique piece of digital art depicting the importance of friendship.

“It’s been great to see so many pieces of colourful and creative artwork.

“I have to say, working on this picture, has really put a smile on my face so I hope the finished piece does the same to everyone who sees it.”

10 signs you’re best friends with someone

1. Being honest with each other
2. They’ve been with you through the toughest of times
3. If you don’t see each other for 6 months or a year you still pick up exactly where you left
4. They never judge you
5. Not feeling bad if you ask for a favour
6. They’re the person you’d call at any time if you had an emergency
7. They’re the person you confide in about anything
8. You always tell each other the truth9. You have inside jokes with one another
10. You think of them like a sister/brother

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The artwork was commissioned by Mattel, the makers of Thomas & Friends, ahead of International Friendship Day.

It comes as research revealed what really makes a best friend, and how many the average Brit has. 

Trust, loyalty and listening to one another are the cornerstones of a long-lasting friendship, the study of 1,000 parents, who have children under five, claimed. 

Going through hard times, being able to pick up where you left off and honest opinions were all cited as the hallmarks of a good friendship.

Children drew their best friend for the unique piece of artwork


Children drew their best friend for the unique piece of artworkCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

And those polled said driving hundreds of miles to be there in a crisis, looking after them in times of need and loving children like they’re your own are all ways their friends have come through for them. 

Some six in 10 people said they trust people they’ve known the longest, with true friendships formed in around four years. 

On average people were in touch with two people from nursery or primary school, and out of all their friends, only two people were given the title of best friend. 

One in 10 said they see their best friends every day, with more than a third catching up once a week, while 27 per cent met up monthly. 

Can you spot these celeb friendships in the image?

  • Ant McPartlin & Declan Donnelly
  • Holly Willoughby & Philip Schofield
  • Alesha Dixon & Amanda Holden
  • Marvin Humes & Aston Merrygold
  • Emma Bunton & Geri Horner
  • Rochelle Humes & Frankie Bridge
  • Claudia Winkleman & Tess Daly
  • Mel Giedroyc & Sue Perkins
  • Stormzy & Ed Sheeran
  • Idris Elba & Dwayne Johnson
  • Eamonn Holmes & Ruth Langsford
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And 28 per cent said that they’re closest to people they see less than every three months, with some meeting up with their closest pals once a year. 

Some 38 per cent admitted they got in touch with people they’ve drifted apart from over the years during lockdown.

When old friends get together, their kids are a common topic of conversation, as well as work and their love life. 

There are famous faces hidden in the collage, including Ant and Dec


There are famous faces hidden in the collage, including Ant and DecCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

Some two thirds of people said they share details with their closest friends which they wouldn’t tell anyone else. 

Claudia Caron, from Mattel, said: “In this special 75th anniversary year for Thomas & Friends, we are celebrating friendship in as many ways as possible.

“This includes taking a look at what it means to be a good friend and how we can nurture these important relationships, so they bring us a lifetime of joy and happiness.

The study also revealed the top 10 signs you're best friends with someone


The study also revealed the top 10 signs you’re best friends with someoneCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

“We know how difficult it has been for children not being able to see their friends recently.

“So we wanted to commission this very special artwork made up of all their pictures to immortalise these special friendships, and to raise a smile among everyone who sees it during these challenging times”.

Parents also want their children to be friends with kind people, with 57 per cent of mums saying kids are influenced by those they spend time with. 

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The piece is interactive and you can zoom up onto each individual drawing


The piece is interactive and you can zoom up onto each individual drawingCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

As a result, one in five admit they have a say in who’s in their child’s friendship group, with 35 per cent getting involved occasionally if they need to. 

Mums also reckoned their child has three best friends, and aspire for their kids to hang out with people who are kind and trustworthy. 

A spokesman from Mattel, added: “Parents naturally want to ensure their children are learning the right things from the right friends – wanting others to be a positive influence on their young.”

The piece was created in the style of Thomas the Tank Engine by Nathan Wyburn


The piece was created in the style of Thomas the Tank Engine by Nathan WyburnCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

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