Budget travellers discover ‘perfect’ £12 hand luggage bag that carries a week’s worth of clothes & fits under plane seat

FLYING can be a stressful experience, with plenty of things to worry about between booking tickets and reaching your destination.

One major concern is bag size, especially if you’re only flying with hand luggage.

Airlines will charge passengers whose bags don’t fit within their size limits, causing a nervy trip through the airport for people who don’t want to end up short-changed.

The bag fits within the size regulations for all UK budget airlines


The bag fits within the size regulations for all UK budget airlinesCredit: WANDF
It can be found on Amazon for less than £12 and will fit a week's worth of luggage


It can be found on Amazon for less than £12 and will fit a week’s worth of luggageCredit: WANDF

However, a Tiktoker has revealed the bag she used for her holiday, which fit easily within the Ryanair carry-on regulations.

Hilary (@g0ldvixen) risked flying with only a small personal bag for her break – and it paid off.

In a video, she showed herself taking her hold-all style luggage to the bag size checker, which it fit inside without any problems, despite clearly being well-packed.

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She captioned the footage: “Yes I packed somehow for my holiday in this Amazon carry on!

“If it fits it flies for free.”

Hilary isn’t the only person to have been impressed with the bag either, with others saying they managed to fit a week’s worth of stuff in it, without having to pay any extra.

The particular piece of luggage they all swear by is the WANDF weekend overnight bag.

It can be found on Amazon from £11.99 and comes in as many as 24 different colours.

It measures in at 40x20x25cm, making it exactly the right dimensions for a Ryanair flight.

Ryanair’s under-seat luggage rules the strictest in the UK at the moment, meaning it will also fit easily under other budget airlines’ seats too.

The bag is water-resistant to protect its contents from rain or spillages, while it also comes with a trolley sleeve so it can slip over the handle of a wheelie suitcase.

When not in use, it can be folded down much smaller, meaning it can be easily stored without taking up much space.

The bag has an overall rating of 4.4/5 on Amazon, with the majority of customers giving it the full five stars.

One said: “Quality is brilliant would recommend very much, as these bags look very sturdy and strong.

“Great in appearance….Great size…small enough to fit underneath your seat on the plane but big enough for a week away.”

Another wrote: “Perfect size, can actually hold quite a lot. Very pleased with it for the price.”

A third added: “Bought this for a recent trip abroad when I was only taking cabin bags. This bag is strong, looks good and you can fit so. much in it! Recommend!”

Some passengers try and get around hand luggage rules by sneaking extra bags onto their plane.

Sun Online Travel’s resident flight attendant said they didn’t mind people trying that, but admitted it was a risky thing to attempt.

They said: “I’m all for saving money where you can and I’ve actually been inspired by some of the clever things I’ve seen on Tiktok and elsewhere online.

“But if you get spotted when trying to board the plane it could end up costing you a lot of money.

“My advice would be to not risk it as it’s not the best way to start your holiday – getting charged a load just because you couldn’t bear to be without an extra pair of shoes or whatever it is.

“Work out what you need to bring and leave the rest behind – it’s unlikely to ruin your holiday too much, if at all.”

Meanwhile, this is how much liquid you can take on board a plane.

And this 20p trick could also prevent you from having to pay extra for hand luggage.

The bag has an overall rating of 4.4/5 with most people giving it five stars


The bag has an overall rating of 4.4/5 with most people giving it five starsCredit: WANDF


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