Budget 2021 reaction: Labor challenges Coalition on debt and wages – question time live updates

I have got a media release, thank you member for Watson. I have the media release from the member for Ballarat.

I notice that the ALP have got a little logo they’re now putting on their, next to their media releases, got a three-word slogan, would you believe, all about spin. The three-word slogan we need is this one – securing Australia’s recovery – because that’s what the budget does. But I read the media release closely. I read the media release closely. There is no underspend. There is no cut.

The budget makes for infrastructure rollout $110bn right across the economy. Thirty-thousand additional jobs last night. But I explained to the member for Ballarat yesterday, what we do is we …

No, no, no, what we do is we pay on delivery. We pay on milestones. It might be the Labor way to pay for a job that isn’t yet completed*. They might have done that in those six sorry, dysfunctional, chaotic years, but we pay on delivery. So we’re getting on with the job. As you heard the treasurer last night. That the new commitments that we have made.


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