Britain’s Got Talent 2019: ‘Ignore him’ Simon Cowell halts show amid co-star's outburst

Britain’s Got Talent returns to ITV tonight with another fun-filled, funny episode as several more acts take to the stage in hope of impressing the judges. 

However, mid way through the episode, one act causes a little controversy amongst the panel.

Duo A&J, an acrobatic pair, will walk onto the stage later this evening immediately impressing David Walliams by their choice – or lack of – attire. So much so Simon Cowell has to intervene to calm the situation down. 

“Thank you very much, you’re through to the next round!” The comedian jokes standing up and clapping at the act. 

Kicking off the questions, Amanda Holden will ask Alex and Julia: “And how long have you been dancing together?” 

To which they explain: “We’ve been performing together for a year and we’ve been together for over a year and a half.” 

“Oh, so you’re in love?” Amanda enquires and they state: “Yes”. But there will be one person who is left unimpressed by the response. 

In jest, David hits his buzzer, not once, but several times. Nevertheless, that doesn’t deter Amanda from winding him up further. 

She continued: “Who made the first move and how did you make that move?” Clearly annoyed, David snaps back moodily: “Let’s just get on with the act yes? Let’s get on with it?” 

Co-judge Alesha Dixon and the audience find the whole situation very amusing and fall about laughing. 

But David continues to press his buzzer and Simon is forced to intervene and state: “Just ignore him”. 

Nevertheless, Duo A&J gave a compelling performance, but will it be enough for get four yeses and make it through to the next round? 

Also in the episode, viewers will see Jay attempt to break a Guinness World Record. 

Hoping to achieve both a new record and perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Show, Jay will be joined by an official adjudicator on the stage who will monitor the act according to World Record standards. 

Intrigued, David asks: “What is the record,” and those watching at home will see Jay attempt to balance a number of chairs on his chin. 


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