Brit attacked by crocodile ‘screamed underwater’ thinking she was about to die

Melissa and Georgia Laurie remarkably survived a terrifying attack by a 10ft crocodile (Picture: Rex)

A British woman who survived a vicious crocodile attack in Mexico has recalled the moment she thought she was about to die.

Melissa Laurie, 28, was put into a medically-induced coma after being severely bitten across her entire body by the 10ft reptile.

The backpacker was visiting a lagoon near Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca state with her twin sister Georgia, a guide and two friends from their travels on June 6.

She told the Daily Mail: ‘I saw the outline of its head above the water and its eyes. It was silent and perfectly still at this point.

‘I knew in that moment we were in trouble. I screamed, “S***! It’s a crocodile, we need to turn back immediately!” My heart rate shot up. I was so scared.’

Melissa, who worked as a zookeeper at Longleat safari park in Wiltshire, was just seconds from safety when the stealthy crocodile caught up with her.

As she reached out to a friend on the river bank, the predator grabbed her left arm and plunged her into a ‘death roll’ in the water.

She said: ‘I was shocked when it took me because I wasn’t aware that the crocodile had moved.

Georgia’s heroics saved her twin from certain death (Picture: Facebook)
The 28-year-old had worked as a zookeeper at Longleat safari park (Picture: Shutterstock)

‘I was screaming as I got dragged underwater and in that moment I thought I was about to die.

‘I remember being shaken around a lot. I didn’t feel anything, no pain. But I thought that my arm had gone because of the massive pressure of the crocodile’s jaw.

‘I could see light coming from the surface but it was shaking me around and I couldn’t move.

‘My mind was racing with all these thoughts. I thought, “I’m never going to see my family again, I’m never going to see my twin sister again.”

The Laurie twins had been swimming in a lagoon in Mexico when she was attacked by a crocodile
Melissa planned to return from her trip of a lifetime in November (Picture: Shutterstock)

‘My initial thought was she’s going to have to deal with getting my body back to the UK. I thought I was about to die. Then I passed out.’

Her life was saved by the courage of her identical twin, who told the Mail: ‘I had to fight it off, I started bashing it and bashing it with both fists; just thumping it.

‘It felt rock hard, like punching a wall.

‘I was exhausted from the fight. It felt like the attack went on for ever.

‘I was scared that it would come back and then we would both be dead.’

The sisters’ friend Ani secured a rescue boat and Georgia sang Stand By Me and Three Little birds to her twin during the 35-minute ride to shore.

Georgia’s bandaged hand can be seen after she punched the 10ft reptile continually helping save her sister (Picture: Toby Canham for
The twins were on a world-traveling trip from March to November (Picture: Shutterstock)

Melissa said: ‘I couldn’t breathe and when I did my chest was rattling. It was the longest ride imaginable, just fighting for my life.

‘I was biting as hard as I could on to Georgia’s shoulder because I wanted to feel physically close to her but it’s like when you pinch yourself to know something’s real.’

Melissa, a super-fit marathon runner, spent 12 days in hospital where her bites – some of which turned septic – along with organ lacerations and water on her lungs were treated.

She has been left with severe scarring, including an eight-inch one on her belly and has lost a stone in weight, but is on the path to a stunning recovery.

Generous public donations of more than £40,000 allowed parents Sue and Sean to fly out to Puerto Escondido and be with their daughters.

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