Brie Larson takes GLAMOUR behind the scenes on her Captain Marvel tour – and there's scooters and mega-gowns

Brie Larson took London by storm during the promotional tour for her game-changing blockbuster, Captain Marvel.

The reason why it’s so game-changing? Captain Marvel is THE first film from the Marvel franchise to have a leading female role. After all these years of Spiderman throwing his webs around and Iron Man being, well, strong, we finally have the standalone badass heroine we have all wished for.

Think of Captain Marvel as supercharged girl power as Brie Larson’s Captain takes us on the ultimate Throwback Thursday to the 1990s to do what The Avengers do best: save the world, durrr. Alongside her co-stars, Jude Law and Gemma Chan, the ultimate 90s heroes, TLC, make an appearance with their banger, Waterfalls. Just. Yes.

To celebrate the UK release of Captain Marvel on International Women’s day – could there be a more perfect date – Brie Larson exclusively shared her behind the scenes promotional diary with GLAMOUR UK.

In the spirit of Captain Marvel championing the sisterhood, Brie selected of-the-moment photographer, Chloe Sheppard, to follow her every London move. Using her unique feminist eye, Chloe captures Brie as she scoots (LITERALLY) through London’s finest hotels, greets the Marvel mega fans AND reunites with her new co-star, Samuel L Jackson.

What. A. Woman. What. A. Hero. Enjoy!


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