Brie and Nikki Bella Reveal Just How Close They Are to Giving Birth!

Later in the episode, while speaking to guest Charlotte Flair, Nikki continued to reflect on her pregnancy and the timing of the major life change.

“I mean, I wasn’t planning on getting pregnant now. I thought when Artem and I got engaged we’d get married a few years down the road, then babies,” she told her twin and Charlotte.” I was thinking maybe early 40s. There was still so much I wanted to do, then it came into my life and, you know, I’m going to adjust and still work on my goals after he comes.”

“Like, my world’s changed,” Nikki added. This is the focus.”

As for Brie’s goals post-baby number two, she has a very specific return to the WWE in mind: Mixed Match Challenge.

“I told Bryan, I said if they bring that back—I mean, granted I’m about to give birth in a week or two—but when they bring that back and once I’m ready, I would actually love to go back and do that with him.”


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