Brexit countdown: Signs show EU is preparing for no-deal as ‘They finally get it’

Nigel Farage’s former adviser Trixy Sanderson who spotted the signs on a cross-Channel trip said: “They’re finally starting to get it”.The signs – marked Sanitary-Phyto Controls – are for lorry drivers arriving from Britain to follow, a fact underlined by a picture of a Union Jack with an arrow pointing to the EU flag. The confusingly-named Sanitary-Phyto Controls are aimed at preventing spread of disease or contamination from country to country.

They were deemed unnecessary while the UK was in the EU and signed up to the customs union.

Ms Sanderson, 37, told Express.co.uk: “They’ve definitely not been up very long – maybe a few days.

“Firstly, they show Brexit is definitely going to happen.

 And secondly, they show a WTO Brexit is a realistic possibility.

“What it basically demonstrates is that they – not just the French, the European Union generally – are finally starting to get it.

“We really are leaving the EU.”

Ms Sanderson added: “It’s taken a while to sink in obviously – several years in fact.

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“It was only the politicians who got in the way.

”Sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures are designed to protect humans, animals, and plants from diseases, pests, or contaminants.

EU legislation sets out down a detailed set of regulations to reduce or eliminate the possible risks of animal, plant and public health threats, as well as animal and plant diseases being introduced into the EU by goods coming from non-EU countries, of which the UK will be one after the transition period runs out on December 31 of next year.

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As such, all goods arriving in the continent from Britain after that date will be subject to checks unless a trade deal is struck by then.

Ms Sanderson is a keen advocate of leaving without a deal in place.

Last year she criticised Bank of England Governor Mark Carney after he offered a grim prognosis on housing prices.

She told Sky News: “To me, this is Project Fear 2.0. They have learned nothing – and they have forgotten nothing.

“During the referendum, we were all going to go off a cliff – house prices will fall, food prices will go up, wages will fall.

“Actually, these things have not happened, and what we really want from the Bank of England Governor is someone to give guidance to the Government.”


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