BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Why Germans are urging the UK to leave the EU with NO DEAL

Prime Minister Theresa May  was forced to ask EU leaders for an extension to Brexit  after her withdrawal agreement was rejected three times by MPs. She then announced her resignation after facing backlash over her plans to put forward the deal for a fourth time. British ex-pat Jorg, who lives in Braunschweig, said many Germans feel the UK should leave by the October deadline, regardless of whether an exit deal has been agreed. He said to Express.co.uk: “If the UK can’t see the benefits of being in the EU then it should just leave.

“This should have happened at the end of March and the UK should have been made to leave then.

“Yes, it will hurt both the UK and the EU, but every divorce does.

“Many German people think the UK should leave whether they have a deal or not and they should not have been voting for the EU Parliament if they will not be a part of it soon.”

William Paterson, Professor of German and European Politics at Aston University, in Birmingham, added many German voters are “weary” of ongoing Brexit chaos.

He added there is not a great deal of warm feeling for the Brexit Party, who won a huge 32 percent of the vote on May 23 and got 29 MEPS elected into the EU Parliament.

Mr Paterson said to Express.co.uk: “The political elite take a dim view of Brexit Party success but most voters (as here) just weary of it.”

The centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) in Germany used Brexit as part of their campaign for the EU elections.

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One of their poster featured a picture of Boris Johnson dangling in the sky carrying Union Jack flag, with the words: “Brexit? Europe is the answer.”

The poster also had “come together” written at the top.

Lars Klingbeil of the SPD tweeted: “What happens when populists get involved? Chaos. Our message to British citizens is clear: the door remains open for you. For us, Britain is part of the European Union.”

Norbert Röttgen, a former minister and senior MP for Germany’s ruling CDU party, also warned Germany will block another delay to Brexit at the European Council unless the UK announces a second referendum or general election by October.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said earlier this month that Britain’s departure from the European Union would ultimately be a loss for everyone even if some companies had moved some of their business to Europe’s largest economy.

She said to a banking congress in Hamburg: “Germany, as a financial location, is benefiting from that but that doesn’t change the fact that ultimately Britain’s departure is a loss from my perspective.”


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