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Brendan O'Carroll wife: Jennifer Gibney reveals hobby Mrs Brown’s Boys couple escape with

Brendan O’Carroll, 64, and wife Jennifer Gibney, 55, are kept busy not only appearing in Mrs Brown’s boys and now All Round to Mrs Brown’s but also creating new material for the beloved Brown’s characters.

On the show, Brendan takes on the role of Agnes Brown and Jennifer plays his onscreen daughter Cathy Brown.

Although at first Brendan wasn’t cast to play Agnes, he told Lorraine on her show of how he was filling in for the lead role while they were off with a kidney infection.

He said: “I thought I would do her lines and then when she was better we would dub her lines in,

“So just for authenticity, I did that voice, that Mrs Brown’s voice and when it went to the edit it was the editor who said, ‘Who’s that actress playing Mrs Brown?’ and I said, “Don’t be ridiculous. That’s me.”

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“I have to be particularly careful because some people can laugh and get on with the scene.

“If I start to laugh it could be five minutes before I recover.

“So, I have to try really hard but obviously because he’s my husband he knows how to get me and he usually gets me with physical gestures.”

Jennifer defined the physical gestures as Brendan mimicking her movements, she added: “He’ll start to imitate everything I do, so if I flick my hair, he flicks his hair.”

But while the couples may have good times on set the couple have also admitted they sometimes fall out while working together.

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Jennifer told the Metro while they may fight it never affects their work.

She said: “It doesn’t matter, you can be shouting at each other right when you walk through the door, and then as soon as you get on the stage, it’s never ever brought on stage.”

All Round to Mrs Brown’s is on BBC One at 9.15pm tonight


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