Boris Johnson plans shake up of UK's defence and security in wake of London Bridge attack

Boris Johnson plans the biggest shake-up in Britain’s security in 30 years in the wake of the London Bridge attack.

It will mean linking up the armed forces with spy agencies, police and diplomats so they tackle threats from terrorists and international gangsters together.

And Mr Johnson will personally take control of what he plans to call the Integrated Defence, Security and Foreign Policy Review if he is returned as PM.

He is expected to unveil details of the plan to Donald Trump at this week’s NATO summit in London.

He will tell the US president it will be the biggest reorganisation of our defences since the Cold War.

Mr Johnson said: “Unlike normal defence reviews, this review will extend from the armed forces to the intelligence services, counter-terrorism, and serious organised crime.

“We must undertake a huge technological upgrade of all our security forces so they are ahead of hostile powers.”

Boris Johnson will tell President Donald Trump to stay and reform NATO

Mr Trump has threatened to walk away from NATO but Mr Johnson will tell him: “We need to modernise it rather than abandon it.”

The review would look at restructuring Whitehall so the MoD, Treasury, Home Office, Foreign Office, International Development, and Cabinet Office mount joint operations.

There could also be changes in the law so security forces could operate at home and abroad more easily.

The Whitehall report on the proposal said: “Security forces are often hampered by outdated laws that constrain action and were written before modern technologies were invented.

“Terrorist groups here and abroad exploit legal loopholes.

“British laws on, and monitoring of, foreign takeovers of advanced technology companies are obsolete.

“Our treason laws also must be updated to deal with transnational terrorist groups.”

Scientists and technology companies would also be drafted in to thwart cyber attacks and develop British defences in space.


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