Boris Johnson drops major hint he’ll give pricey HS2 rail line the green light

BORIS Johnson has dropped a huge hint that he’ll give the pricey HS2 rail line the green light.

The PM let slip that “the only thing is to keep digging” and admitted he was “looking for a way forward”.

 HS2 is set for the green light, Boris let slip today


HS2 is set for the green light, Boris let slip todayCredit: PA:Press Association

He’s set to make a final decision on whether to go through with the £80billion rail extension within weeks – and an announcement is expected next month.

In an interview with 10-year old Braydon Brent, he was asked to explain the current situation with the troubled line, which is already years behind schedule and over budget.

Boris said: “The truth is, the people who did it spent far too much money. They’ve just wasted money.

“And the whole thing way it was managed was hopeless.

“We’re in a hole, we’re in a mess.

“We need a way forward, so we’re thinking about how to sort it out now.”

The PM added: “The only thing to do is keep digging. That’s what you’ve got to do.”

His words appear to suggest he’s willing to give the go ahead for the project to continue.

Writing it off would have cost billions of pounds.

But Tory backbenchers who have long opposed the expensive project, which won’t connect up the north of England for days to come, will be fuming.


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