'Boris Johnson doesn't have a clue about people's lives – he is unfit to be PM'

Voters going to the polls on Thursday in local elections saw today on GMB that Boris Johnson – who is unfit to be Prime Minister – hasn’t a clue about their lives

Boris Johnson during his interview with Susanna Reid
Boris Johnson during his interview with Susanna Reid

Slippery Boris Johnson is taking hard-up Britain for a ride.

He pretends to have introduced a free pass used by a pensioner sitting all day on buses to keep warm … then at the same time he sides with energy giants enjoying rocketing profits.

The Prime Minister’s gratuitous, inaccurate reference to bus passes when Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid raised the case of struggling Elsie, 77, was a Conservative leader running out of road.

Because by refusing to slap a windfall tax on the likes of BP, which reported a booming £5billion profit, Johnson revealed that he has nothing to offer Elsie and millions of others unable to make ends meet.

That Johnson’s Tory Government actually forced London Mayor Sadiq Khan to cut a pass Elsie didn’t receive courtesy of the Conservatives added insult to serious injury.

Voters going to the polls on Thursday in local elections saw today on GMB that Johnson hasn’t a clue about their lives.

The glib bus comment in a car crash interview underlined why he’s unfit to be PM.

Boris Johnson doesn’t have a clue about people’s lives


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