Borderlands 3 teaser trailer confirms previous leaks

Borderlands is finally making a comeback

Gearbox are finally planning to reveal Borderlands 3 tomorrow but the Mask of Mayhem teaser may have given away more than it intended.

Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition - the original returnsBorderlands: Game Of The Year Edition coming next month for consoles and PC

After years of silence Gearbox is finally getting ready to unveil Borderlands 3 to the world and by tomorrow evening you should know at least the basics of what’s going on with the game.

The annoucement is due to start at 6pm GMT at the PAX East games convention in Boston, although exactly how much will be shown is currently a mystery.

As neat as it is the teaser video below doesn’t really reveal anything other than a number of existing Borderlands characters, including Ellie, Sir Hammerlock, and others.

What the teaser also shows though is characters that appear identical to previously leaked concept art. The Beastmaster is particularly easy to spot in the video, while the Bot Jock seems to be the same as the character featured in a Gearbox tech demo from a few years ago.

Accompanying the leaked images were a whole host of other rumours, as summarised on ResetEra, which may or may not be true, including the suggestion that the game is set five to six years after Borderlands 2 and features Fiona from Tales Of The Borderlands as a non-player character.

There are supposedly at least four unique vehicles in the game, with perhaps as many planets, a computer-controlled ally that can revive you, and a reworked gun upgrade system with more customisable parts.

It seems this leak was real

Flak the Beastmaster can apparently summon three different animals to controls, the Bot Jock can summon a bear mech – a bit like Titanfall – that other players can ride, and the Operative is described as a Batman-like assassin character.

There’s also a black female Siren character called Amara, who’s melee-orientated like Brick, although it’s unclear if these four are going to be the only playable characters – and that’s assuming anything but the artwork is true.

It should be a busy week for Gearbox, who have also hinted they’ll have two other game reveals. One is thought to be Bulletstorm for the Nintendo Switch and the other is probably their Project 1v1 multiplayer game.

Whether the other games will be revealed tomorrow, or not until later in the week, is unknown but the Borderlands 3 annoucement seems to be a lock.

This tech demo screenshot seems to be the Bot Jock

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