Bop Shop: Songs From BTS, Lakeyah, Aly & AJ, And More

It’s comeback season! Ultimate boy band BTS is back with another Song of the Summer contender with the upbeat, retro, free-flowing “Butter.” Marking a true evolution from the “Dynamite” era, BTS maintain their unique musicality and artistry while also pushing themselves to new heights both sonically and visually (hello, electric blue hair!). Accompanied by an equally brightly colored, vintage-toned music video, the group’s always flawless choreography is, dare I say, “smooth like butter,” and truly displays the members’ teamwork and synchronicity. BTS tend to give their fans the songs they feel they need in the moment. Coming off the heels of “Life Goes On,” “Butter” is the perfect gift to ARMYs who are entering hopefully a much better, lighter, fully vaccinated 2021. —Sarina Bhutani


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