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The video game industry on a blockchain

Both entertaining and thoughtful, the video gaming industry has been a great source of amusement since 1958. Over the past few decades, video games have become more popular among children and adults and is now ready to become more prominent in the blockchain video game development space.

Video games can sometimes have dramatic effect on popular cultures, making iconic characters and even teaching people how to dance from their living-room.

Games based on eSports have been pushing the video game industry to a new level of popularity. This has also seen the growth of corporate interest increase with the general interest in gaming.

According to statistics, Americans spent over $36 billion USD on video games in 2017. This has also attracted a lot of bad actors into the mix, as top-tier video game accounts are ripe to be hacked.

Finding that gamers are constantly being locked out of their online gaming assets has made the search for solutions become imperative to the industry.

Moreover, there has been massive issues with fairness and compensation among eSport athletes as the athlete’s themselves have been earning less than their fair share, while team owners have been taking millions annually because of corporate sponsorships.

There are even gamers who are still having a hard time getting paid at all in some extreme cases.

This has led the burgeoning industry to protect and properly compensate all players for their time and abilities, through the implementation of new technologies.

Building blockchain video games

The blockchain technology has proven to be useful in a myriad of other industries and activities. Its ability to store user information and disperse funds could be the solution that eSports and the gaming industry so desperately need.

Some blockchain companies like Enjin are bringing a change to the gaming industry. It was recently revealed that Enjin Coin (ENJ) will allow users to integrate blockchain-based gaming assets.

The coin has also been featured on numerous news outlets lately following their partnership announcements with some of the world’s biggest brands like Unity (the world’s largest gaming engine) and Samsung corporation.

Enjin made an announcement on the 3rd of March 2019, via its website stating that it will be launching its Testnet version of the Unity SDK.

This SDK integration was built with gamers and developers in mind and will make users integrate a robust suite of blockchain-based ERC-1155 assets into video games.


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