Black Widow theories already suggest Taskmaster’s identity as Marvel drops trailer

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It didn’t take long for everyone to come up with their own theories following the release of the Black Widow trailer today.

Now Marvel fans are suggesting Clint Barton makes a Black Widow appearance from a brief glimpse of a bow and arrow-wielding villain.

The antagonist is believed to be Taskmaster, who will act as the main villain against Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson).

In today’s trailer we received several short glimpses, including one where he appears to take a shot – at who, we’re yet to find out – as well as fight against Red Guardian (David Harbour).

Who is Taskmaster? (Picture: Marvel Entertainment)
They’re no match for Nat (Picture: Marvel Entertainment)

The whole time the lad (or lady, let’s not jump to gender conclusions) is wearing a helmet so we have no idea who is behind the mask – but one theory suggests it’s Clint Barton.

As you know, Clint AKA Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) was a long-time pal of Nat’s, but that hasn’t stopped people from wondering whether he’s actually Taskmaster in this standalone.

In the opening moments of the trailer, we do see a throwback to both Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) and Clint, hinting they play some part in this film. Which shouldn’t come as a total shock.

She’s got the moves: Marvel Entertainment
We saw him in a quick flashback (Picture: Marvel)

We also see it’s set in Budapest, which is a reference between Nat and Clint from the first Avengers movie, where she turned to Hawkeye during the battle of New York and said: ‘Just like Budapest all over again.’

Only, as Clint said, they both remembered Budapest very differently.

So it took everyone all of 10 minutes to were wonder if Clint was all undercover in a crossover no one asked for.

One wrote on Twitter as they joined the conversation: ‘Ok what if this is in budapest and that’s not actually the taskmaster, but Clint yes, the only reason I’m saying this is bc of the bow&arrow and yes, I know I am reaching [sic].’


Another was feeling a little uneasy as they added: ‘I have this unusual feeling that Taskmaster is actually gonna be Clint for some reason.’

Still, the theories kept coming: ‘Unless the bow was a misdirect, Taskmaster is Hawkeye. They were enemies but end up on same side somehow. Hence the line “you and I remember Budapest very differently.”’

There are a few issues with this theory, though – main one being Black Widow is set after the events of Captain America: Civil War, where we already have met Clint. And he’s not Taskmaster.

Unless we’re getting a whole load of flashback scenes to piece together Black Widow’s formation. Or he went WAY rogue in the years between Civil War and Endgame.

Even then, though, he was under house arrest alongside Scott Lang.

One eagle-eyed fan also pointed out Clint is left-handed with his bow, while Taskmaster used his right.

‘Yea I don’t think Hawkeye is Taskmaster at all, but Taskmaster could have copied Clint whilst Nat and him where in Budapest? Could explain that whole backstory,’ one thwarter thwarted.

Taskmaster’s keen skill is being able to mirror the fighting tactics of his adversaries, meaning he may be copying Hawkeye with the bow and arrow. While that means it’s likely we’ll see a Clint Barton cameo, it doesn’t mean Clint is the villain.

The villain’s real identity wasn’t all people were debating online though as when it comes to the mighty Marvel post-credits scene, of course people are already throwing their two pence into the pond.

‘My more prominent theory is this: post credits will feature Steve going back in time to the moment the soul stone was taken to return it, and in doing so he’s going to play a part in preventing Natashas death in the first place,’ one very excited punter proffered. ‘Sets up Widow in Phase 4! #BlackWidow #Marvel.’

The head already hurts, but bring on May.

Black Widow is in cinemas 1 May 2020.

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