Birthday Gift Inspiration for the Man Who Has It All

Birthday Gift Inspiration for the Man Who Has It All

The gift giving of the holiday season is still visible in our rear-views, but those early-in-the-year birthdays sure do come around quickly and we’re all looking for the perfect gift for the man who has everything. A truly great birthday present is always the dream, but it seems particularly important right now when everything is so tough and everyone is so far away. We all want to really nail it and give them that present that they’ll really love. But it’s not just about getting them a gift that speaks to how well you know them, it’s about giving them a present that conveys the optimism for 2021, that looks to the times you’ll share when we turn the corner on these last twelve months.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at some ideas…

Help Him Stay on Top of His Game with a Grooming Kit

With rolling lockdowns, working from home and now the horrible winter weather, we have all let ourselves go to a certain extent when it comes to our grooming routines. Obviously, it hasn’t helped that hairdressers’ and barbers’ have been closed, but anyone who’s had a proper hair-cut or treated themselves to an extended beauty treatment at some point during the pandemic will tell you just what a difference it makes to our self-confidence and to our happiness.

That’s why a stylish, top of the line grooming kit is a brilliant idea, to push him into reminding him why taking care of your appearance isn’t just about impressing other people. And if he’s genuinely committed to the mountain man beard look, why not treat him to some fancy beard oil and balm to keep that mess tidy and clean?

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Treat the Budding Chef with Some Top-of-the-Line Kitchenware

We’ve all enjoyed putting our cooking skills to the test over the past year as we’ve tried to figure out how we can make our favourite dishes at home. However, there’s only so much you can do when you’re working with the same frying pan you had since university and a couple of pots that have seen better days.

So, if he’s been waxing lyrical about those after work sushi dinners and has been looking up how to make Japanese food at home, or if he’s missing those country pub lunches and has been dying to make a proper slow-cooked stew, then gift him that piece of kitchenware that will push him into putting his apron on and stepping up to the plate. Think about gifting him a top of the line rice cooker, or a crock pot that doesn’t rely on your temperamental oven. And if he’s really starting to miss those fresh cups of takeaway coffee on the way in to work, why not get him a coffee bean grinder or a restaurant style coffee machine?

Gift Him a Luxury Notebook for those Big Ideas and New Memories

Anyone with a writer in their life knows that they can never have enough notebooks. A new notebook will always be met with a big seal of approval because it’s not just about organisation and jotting down numbers and shopping lists. A new notebook brings the promise of new ideas, of new projects that they can dive into and explore. What’s more, a journal or notebook can be the place where he records new memories, where he plans the new adventures and travels in the coming year.

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There will be time for exploring, there will be those big trips and time away with friends and loved ones, and a stylish traveller’s notebook is the perfect gift for the man in your life who loves to jot down every story, every impression and every treasured memory. Galen Leather has a beautiful selection of hand-crafted and hand-stitched traveller’s notebooks, journals, portfolios and covers in a variety of styles, made from 100% genuine tanned vegetable leather.

Outdoor Gear for those Long Rambles

At the moment, outdoor time comes at a bit of a premium, and given how limited our time out of the house can be, many of us have not been giving too much thought to the condition of the clothes we’ve been going on those runs or walks in. However, as time passes and the weather improves, we will once again be thinking about where we can go to get some much-needed fresh air.

If the fella that you’re getting a gift for is particularly keen on roaming the countryside, then think about treating him to good quality walking boots that will stand up to the valleys and dales and our predictably unpredictable spring weather. Has he got a coat that is warm enough to face the bracing winds but breathes enough to function as exercise gear? From thermals to smartwatches, thinking about exercise and the outdoors is a great place to start gifting.

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