Birds of Prey review: First reactions to Harley Quinn movie are in and they're REALLY good

Meanwhile, Keaton Kilde from Vogue tweeted: “The Birds of Prey embargo has lifted so now I can scream about how absurdly fun it is & the way it completely washed the taste of Suicide Squad out of my mouth. Girls and gays, this one’s for us.”

#BirdsofPrey is the Harley Quinn movie we deserve,” writer and director Ben Mekler wrote. “She kicks a**, cracks jokes and freaks her teammates out.

“But we see a sincere side too in her scenes with Colin Powell, her regret over Joker and Colin’s over lying to the UN about Iraq. More to explore in a sequel for sure.”

The Independent’s film critic Clarisse Loughrey added: “Birds of Prey is so up my street it’s RIDICULOUS – fashionable, weirdo ladies breaking men’s shins & aggressively complimenting each other!! Yes please and thank you!!”


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