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A Playstation player lets soccer stars like Ronaldo, Messi & Co. whiz across the virtual lawn.
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Sony and Microsoft are launching new game consoles next week. Despite the rapid growth of the market, it could be the last.

S.looks like a room fan. Like an architectural design for an expensive cultural center. Like a storm soldier from the space epic “Star Wars” who has married an Art Deco lamp. Emotions on the Internet spilled over when Sony unveiled its Playstation 5 game console designed as a sculpture in the summer. One internet user saw similarities with the Pope’s tiara. Japanese fans compared the Playstation 5 with the “Azusa” express train.

Roland Lindner

Patrick Welter

Patrick Welter

Correspondent for business and politics in Japan, based in Tokyo.

Microsoft fared no better with the design of the latest version of its Xbox game console. Looks like a fridge, they said on the internet. Others found the “Series X” resembled a garbage can. A satirical publication compared the black block with a high-rise in the style of brutalism. Microsoft took the ridicule with humor and has now, shortly before the console’s market launch, turned it into a marketing campaign. The company had a couple of huge refrigerators made in the design of the new Xbox. One of them will be raffled off to an Xbox fan, another was given to Snoop Dogg, the rapper with a pronounced passion for video games.



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