Bible proof? Miracle declared after 'blood of Jesus' found in 1,200-year-old relic

And journalist Mike Willesee revealed in his ‘Blood of Christ’ documentary how the first of these so-called acts of God occurred. 

He said: “The first-ever case of a bleeding host goes back 1,200 years to Lanciano in Italy.

“Since then, the Church has declared Communion hosts to be miraculous well over 100 times.

“Professor Eduardo Linoli led the first-ever scientific investigations into these inexplicable occurrences.

Moreover, no documents on the original investigation have come to light.

During the documentary though, Mr Willesee explained how history appeared to repeat itself in 1996.

He said in 2019: “A priest in Argentina reported what appeared to be a miraculous event.

“A Communion wafer that had mysteriously turned to flesh and blood.

“The question was – could this be a miracle? Could this be the blood of Jesus Christ – there was no evidence of the original wafer.”

According to reports, local doctor Ricardo Castanon Gomez was called upon in 1999 by Pope Francis to investigate that evidence. 

He took the sample on October 5, 1999, but the research was not completed until 2006, where it was concluded that the substance consisted of human blood, which contained intact white blood cells, and “living” heart muscle, from the left ventricular myocardium.

But once again most experts agree that it is likely the host was simply swapped for a piece of heart muscle.

Many also draw issue with the fact it took some 17 years for the results to be published. 

In general, most scientists support the work of their peers in the investigations, but raise questions over whether the specimen provided ‘changed’ on its own accord.

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