Best cat toys for 2020 to keep your feline friends happy

Playing with your cat is not only a brilliant bonding experience, it’s also a great way to channel their natural hunting instincts into a less harmful activity.

The best cat toys come in all shapes and sizes, and will work to stimulate your cat’s senses as well as keep them active.

Teaser toys are a real favourite and often have a mouse or furry animal dangling on a stick; a great way to teach kitten how to play appropriately.

Treat toys and food mazes are perfect for cats as they would usually hunt for their food in the wild, so delight in trying to ‘catch’ their food. Soft catnip toys are also popular and will keep kitty licking, excited and entertained.

It’s also a great idea to have an activity centre or a tunnel chute, something your feline friend can scratch, hide in, play peekaboo and generally provide fun as well as a safe space for them to enjoy.

We’ve rounded up the best cat toys below for endless hours of feline fun…

Best cat toys

1. Legendog 10 Pcs Cat Toys for Indoor

Give your cat a fun way to release its energy with these interactive dangling toys.

Danglers are a great way for your cat to be in touch with its basic hunting instincts as well as being perfect for exercising, engaging with you, and developing coordination and timing.

Price: £9.99, Amazon – buy here now

2. Upsky Cat Toy Roller Cat Toys

A lovely toy to keep your kitten or cat entertained even while you’re out, this roller ball piece is interactive and fun.

Your playful moggy will love pushing the balls around for hours, and as there’s more than one level, it can be used by more than one cat at a time.

Easy to assemble and offers endless amounts of fun… What’s not to love?

Price: £9.99, Amazon – buy here now

3. Catit Senses Play Circuit

Specially designed to entice, engage and entertain your cat while appealing to its natural hunting instincts, this play circuit is hugely intriguing for our four-legged friends.

Your cat will have endless amounts of fun trying to swat the ball as it rolls past in the peek-a-boo tube.

There’s multiple layout possibilities to shake up the fun, and you can buy extra track pieces separately to grow the game.

Price £10.29, Amazon – buy here now

4. Catit Senses Cat Food Maze

Stimulate your cat physically and mentally with this smart food maze.

The cat has to work for its treats by moving the food through the maze by pawing at it through the side openings until it drops down to the food tray.

This appeals to your cat’s sense of touch and taste while encouraging mental and physical activity by making your cat work for its food.

By monitoring the amount of food added to the maze, it can also be a valuable tool to help with overeating or obesity problems.

Price: £11.50, Pets at Home – buy here now

5. Bojafa Cat Catnip Toys 3 Pack

These chic and stylish toys are lots of fun for your cat; pop some catnip in the belly and watch them lick, roll and scratch the toy as well as pouncing on it and catching it.

As well as being lots of fun, the toys also serve as an exfoliating dental plaque build-up remover to improve dental health while playing.

Price: £6.99, Amazon – buy here now

6. CA&T Scratch & Hide Interactive Toy

Cats love a good scratch, so this interactive scratcher toy is ideal for lots of fun – and taking the focus away from your furniture.

There’s a cat track ball game with paw access holes, an integrated scratch pad, two cat balls with bells and a catnip sachet.

Price: £9.99, Fetch – buy here now

7. Dono Cat Tunnel Toy

Built-in crinkle-crackle paper, a peephole and a bell toy all combine to make this tunnel chute irresistible to playful cats.

The steel frame and tear-resistant polyester material not only keeps it safe from scratching but holds strong while kitty plays inside.

As well as being lots of fun cats at home, you can easily fold up the tunnel and take it on-the-go to keep your cat entertained anywhere and everywhere.

Price: £12.99, Amazon – buy here now

8. Catit Bee Treat Toy

Any cat will love this treat toy, which spins around and sends out laser beams at the press of a button.

Not only will the beams encourage the cat’s playful side, you can also add your furry friend’s favourite treats to the toy, and they’ll fall out as the cat starts to play with it. Simple but sweet and entertaining.

Price £8.99, Aldi – buy here now

9. TMZ 1.4M Height Cat Tree Scratching Climbing Activity Centre

If there’s one thing we know about cats… It’s that they love to scratch. And anything that takes the focus away from your furniture is a great idea.

This multi-level post also has a sleeping level for your cat to rest in and explore, as well as hanging mice to keep them entertained. Totally paw-some.

Price: £39.95, Amazon – buy here now


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