Best airlines in the UK revealed – and English carrier comes out on top thanks to clean cabins & cheap flights

THE best airlines according to British holidaymakers have been revealed – and a UK carrier came in no.1.

The annual study, conducted by Which? looks at a number of criteria to determine the overall customer happiness across 10,775 flights.

The best airlines for customer satisfaction have been revealed by Brits


The best airlines for customer satisfaction have been revealed by BritsCredit: Alamy

This includes seven criteria – seat comfort, cabin cleanliness, boarding serving, cabin environment, food and drink, customer service, value for money.

And coming on top of the short-haul airlines was Jet2, ranking 81 per cent for customer score.

It was given five star for it’s customer service, with four stars for boarding, cabin cleanliness and environment, and four for value for money.

Flights can be found for as little as £30 with the airline, flying to more than 65 destinations.

It also had 68 per cent of flights on time, coming between the highest (85 per cent for Iberia) and lowest 51 per cent (TUI Airways).

Delays were some of the lowest too, with last minute cancellations around 0.5 per cent.

One Jet2 passenger told the survey: “I have always found Jet2 staff, on the phone or in person, to be exceptional in all respects.

“They set the benchmark against which I judge all other companies.”

Coming in second place was Icelandair with 74 per cent customer satisfaction, a a five star rating for clean cabins, followed by Norwegian, also with 74 per cent and five stars for customer service.

Coming at the bottom of the list was Wizz Air, with 44 per cent satisfaction from passengers and just one and two stars across the criteria.

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Just above this was Ryanair (47 per cent), Iberia (49 per cent) and Vueling (53 per cent).

Rory Boland, Editor of Which? Travel, said: “Air fares have soared in recent years, and the bare minimum passengers should expect in return for their hard-earned cash is a reliable service, with friendly, easy to access customer support when they are let down

“While the likes of Jet2 continue to excel in this regard, our survey shows that passengers of many airlines are sadly being shortchanged – with high rates of last minute cancellations, abysmal customer service and sneaky extra fees for luggage hiking up the final price.”

The best long-haul airline was Singapore Airlines, with 83 per cent satisfaction rating, following by Emirates (81 per cent) and Virgin Atlantic (76 per cent).

At the bottom of the tablet were Lufthansa (56 per cent) and Air Canada (58 per cent).

However, your flights could be about to get more expensive.

Airlines are getting stricter with seat fees, with some charging passengers to reserve one – even in business class.

While it isn’t mandatory to pay for seats, a rising number of airlines are tacking on the fee for passengers wanting to sit with their friends and family.

Airlines are also cracking down on hand luggage, with one expert calling to scrap overhead lockers altogether.

Top airlines for customer satisfaction


  1. Jet2 – 81 per cent
  2. Icelandair – 74 per cent
  3. Norwegian – 74 per cent
  4. Turkish Airlines – 73 per cent
  5. Logan Air -72 per cent
  6. Swiss – 71 per cent
  7. Finnair – 68 per cent
  8. TAP Portugal – 67 per cent
  9. Aer Lingus – 66 per cent
  10. Air France – 65 per cent
  11. SAS Scandinavian Airlines – 64 per cent
  12. Aegean Airlines – 63 per cent
  13. KLM – 62 per cent
  14. easyJet – 59 per cent
  15. TUI Airways – 59 per cent
  16. Air Malta – 58 per cent
  17. Lufthansa – 57 per cent
  18. British Airways – 56 per cent
  19. Vueling Airlines – 53 per cent
  20. Iberia – 49 per cent
  21. Ryanair – 47 per cent
  22. Wizz Air – 44 per cent


  1. Singapore Airlines – 83 per cent
  2. Emirates – 81 per cent
  3. Virgin Atlantic – 76 per cent
  4. Qatar Airways – 74 per cent
  5. Qantas – 71 per cent
  6. Etihad Airways – 70 per cent
  7. Malaysia Airlines – 69 per cent
  8. KLM – 68 per cent
  9. Aer Lingus – 66 per cent
  10. TUI Airways – 65 per cent
  11. United Airlines – 64 per cent
  12. Delta Airlines – 61 per cent
  13. Air France – 60 per cent
  14. American Airlines – 59 per cent
  15. British Airways – 59 per cent
  16. Air Canada – 58 per cent
  17. Lufthansa – 56 per cent.

With passengers wanting to save money, one of the easiest ways is to not check a suitcase in – which has led to crammed plane lockers.

This can lead to huge delays for airlines, and even arguments on the plane.

Wizz Air and Ryanair came in at the bottom


Wizz Air and Ryanair came in at the bottomCredit: Getty


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