BBC licence fee could soon face the chop as Culture Secretary announces review

THE BBC licence fee could soon face the chop as the Culture Secretary announced a review into its sustainability.

Lucy Frazer’s comments come after The Sun revealed the licence fee will rise by just over a tenner next year rather than the expected £15 hike.

BBC's licence fee could soon face the chop


BBC’s licence fee could soon face the chopCredit: PA

The Cabinet Minister suggested the Beeb licence fee could be replaced by an alternative funding model.

She said: “The review will look at how we can ensure the funding model is fair to the public, sustainable for the long term and supports the BBC’s vital role in growing our creative industries.

“The review will include looking at how the BBC can increase its commercial revenues to reduce the burden on licence fee-payers.

“Given pressure on household incomes, I can explicitly rule out that this review will look at creating any new taxes.”

Some Tory MPs want the licence fee to be scrapped entirely by the time the next charter is renewed in 2027.

Tory former minister Dame Andrea Jenkyns said on social media: “Licence fee rise! Instead we should defund the BBC!”

Tory MP James Sunderland told The Sun he welcomes the review, adding: “It is right for the Government to ensure that it provides value for money.”

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport will lead the work, with its findings expected next autumn.

Alternatives to the licence fee could include a broadband levy, advertising or a subscription but a decision on that would happen during the charter review, where the final decision about changing how the BBC is funded will be made.


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