Battlefield V roadmap goes from Firestorm to Pacific Theatre

Firestorm’s ring of fire opens today

Battle royale mode Firestorm launches today but DICE has revealed plans for new maps and modes for all the way up to autumn.

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It’s been a long time coming but Battlefield V finally has its own battle royale mode, in the form of Firestorm – which is available from today for anyone that already owns the parent game.

In hindsight (and even at the time) it seems a bad mistake not to have included Firestorm at launch, but DICE are trying to make up for things by announcing a roadmap of other new features for the months ahead.

You can read everything in detail here, but the new content is split up into chapters, where today’s Firestorm launch is part of Chapter 3: Trial by Fire.

As well as Firestorm, Chapter 3 will add new Combined Arms challenges next month, a new map based on the Battle of Crete in May, and new multiplayer mode Outpost in June.

After Outpost in June comes Chapter 4: Defying the Odds, which will add new multiplayer Marita, based around the Battle of Greece, and a new close quarters 5v5 mode called Urban Combat.

Chapter 5 doesn’t currently have a name but it strongly implies adding the Pacific theatre of war, something which DICE discussed with us way back before the game was released.

The phrase ‘Awakening the Giant’ also paraphrases Japanese Admiral Yamamoto’s description of America before the Pearl Harbor attack, so DICE aren’t being very subtle about their hints.

EA aren’t at E3 in June but have promised a number of livestream events around the same time and one of those is bound to be dedicated to Battlefield V, especially as that’s just when Chapter 4 begins.

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