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Ball Parks Will Use Video Games Noises – San Francisco News – San Francisco News

SAN FRANCISCO—On Friday, July 17, Major League Baseball players will hear crowd sounds from a video game this upcoming season. MLB will be using sounds from “MLB The Show.” Stadiums will have a plethora of options to use with effects and reactions throughout games.

The Associated Press reported that San Diego Studios, from Sony Interactive Entertainment was responsible for generating the noise during the games for several seasons.

There will be tests throughout exhibition games and it will begin when summer games start.

According to ESPN reporter, Chris Marinak, “There was some reticence when you first talk about crowd noise in an empty ball park because you don’t want to do something that is distracting”. Marinak is MLB’S executive Vice President for strategy, technology, and innovation. “It is heard in a way that is natural with the play of the game and on field. The sounds do match what is happening.”

For the most part, Korean baseball league games are silent, but at times they will turn on crowd noise in their stadiums.

MLB is not the only league considering to use sound from a video game as the National Basketball League is considering the use of sound from 2K Sports when the league begins to play basketball in the bubble in Orlando, Florida.

In San Francisco, the Giants will have kick off the season against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Thursday, July 23.

Representatives from MLB have not responded to the San Francisco News for comment.


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