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Avengers Endgame spoiler: A ‘key character’ dies in the movie and we’re already crying

Has a massive Avengers: Endgame spoiler just dropped? (Picture: Marvel)

Marvel fans are eagerly waiting for Avengers: Endgame to hit cinemas next month and when it does it’s set to be a huge roller-coaster of emotions.

(Warning: quit reading now if you don’t want to know more)

So much so, that it’s been revealed that a ‘key character will die’ in the fourth and final Avengers installment and, already, we’re not sure we can handle it.

The spolier came from Spanish voice actor Sergio Zurita who voices Guardians of the Galaxy character Rocket Raccoon in the Spanish version of the film.

Complex reports that Zurita may have just ruined Endgame as he’s confirmed that a ‘key character’ will be killed off.

The Spanish voice actor for Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon may have said a little too much about the new movie (Picture: Rex Features)

In an interview with MVS Noticias, he said: ‘I can tell you that the movie takes you from laughter to tears. A key character dies. I cannot say more… it’s too much. I do not know if I already said too much.’

Um, Zurita? You said too much.

It has been speculated that we could be losing one major player this time round, although, we’re still none the wiser to who that could be exactly.

Tony Stark pretty much teases his own death at the beginning of the trailer for Endgame, so could it really be the end of Iron Man? Please say no.

Or is the key character actually Thanos? There’s a few theories floating around that Ant-Man and The Hulk put an end to Thanos once and for all, and quite frankly, we’d all be down with that as he brutally wiped out half the population of the entire universe with just one snap.

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What we do know for fact, though, is that Avengers is definitely going to be a tear-jerker, so stock up on a box of Kleenex, people.

Chris Evans couldn’t handle watching Endgame back and choked up ‘three times’ in the first hour, so if he’s getting emotional, then we’ve got no hope.

‘This one’s really good. I choked up like three times,’ he told The Hollywood Reporter. ‘It’s a real good one. I saw, like, the first hour of it.

‘I can’t believe they even cut together a trailer because so much of it is a visual spoiler. You’ll see. A lot of the characters have… Probably shouldn’t have even said that.’

Avengers: Endgame is released in cinemas on 25 April.

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