Avengers are assembling to save us amid coronavirus

The Avengers are assembling to save the day (Picture: Marvel)

So it seems that in this time of crisis, as we continue to serve up all kinds of WTF faces in the direction of Covid-19, some good news has come in the form of the Avengers assembling to try and save us amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Classic Avengers – always here to save the day.

Don’t believe me?

Well, one of the first hit industries by the outbreak of the deadly virus was the film industry, with cinemas closing instantaneously, pretty much every set shutting down and every film due for release pushed back to later in the year.

You know, when people can go to cinemas again.

While it may seem ridiculous to cry for Hollywood, a profitable industry that makes such mountainous masses of money from its movies, thousands upon thousands of people have been left unemployed through the closures.

They’ve come to save the day (Picture: Marvel/Disney/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock)

And that’s sad, no matter what side you sit on in your opinion of the movie-making business.

However, as we start to look to what life might be like once this madness is over (because it will be over…right?), its been reported that in China cinema chains are bringing back some Marvel classics to inject money into the box office to try and resuscitate a once-booming economy.

All Avengers films may be making a comeback (Picture: Marvel Enterprises/Kobal/REX)

And, frankly, another round of Avengers in the cinemas, with all four of the Marvel films set to be re-released, to me, can only be a brilliant move.

In China, this time last year the box office had already raked in RMB 1.45billion (£164million). So far this year, we’re talking a much more humble RMB 220m (£24m). That’s how much coronavirus has really effed with us here when it comes to the film economy.

Endgame, the final Avengers film in the franchise (thus far), made $2.7bn (£2.1bn) worldwide at the box office. So while this idea is, at the moment, only happening in China, where between 600 and 700 cinemas have been given the green light to re-open, I’m sounding the call for it to happen here in the UK as well when life starts to transition back to normal.

Cinemas have been forced to close amid coronavirus (Picture: BACKGRID)

There is also talk Avatar will make a return, so not only are you bringing back number one, you might as well include number two into the game, right?

Other films including Interstellar and Inception are also said to be making it into the cinemas. All in all, that’s a lot of potential money to be made. Again.

Of course, once Boris relaxes the lockdown the first stop for most of us will be the pub, let’s not beat around the bush, but once cinemas open it’ll be a wasteland – seeing as the number of films having their mighty premieres delayed (some by a year, in the case of Furious 9) means we really won’t have any flicks in the cinemas to watch.

Avatar may also come to the rescue (Picture: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation/Kobal/REX)

So why not bring back some classics we know we’ll enjoy but that we also know will inject some much needed money and jobs back into a struggling economy.

Sure it’s unlikely showing the billion-dollar earning Endgame again will bring about the same kind of box office payday it received last year, but there’s no denying it’s a smart thing to return the most popular option to the masses who have gone through so much these past few weeks.

Money aside, Avengers is bloody fun. And right now, what we need is fun. We need entertainment. We need an escape with a safe option that even in its plot reunites everyone amid a period of unrest (hello Avengers reuniting to take down Thanos, and all that).

Once we’re finally allowed to leave the house again for more than our government-mandated walk around the neighbourhood and we can catch up with our loved ones and mates once more, pretending it’s April 2019 for three hours and thinking coronavirus isn’t even a thing sounds like a solid social antidote.

When Endgame was released it brought us all together, so who’s to say it can’t do the same thing now?

Besides, you give me a better reason than Thor’s biceps and Captain America’s butt to get mine into a cinema seat once again and I’m all ears.

Yeah, didn’t think so.

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