'Avatar 2' wraps 2019 filming with shot of huge water tank set

As Avatar 2 filmed its final day of 2019, it’s dropped a sneak peak of one of its huge underwater sets online.

“That’s a wrap, Na’vi Nation!,” reads the tweet from the official Avatar Twitter account.

“It’s our last day of live-action filming in 2019, and we’re celebrating with a sneak peek.

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“Check out this photo of the aft well deck section of the Sea Dragon, a massive mothership that carries an array of other sea-going craft in the sequels.”

For the non-nautical amongst you, the well deck is a ‘sunken deck between the forecastle and the poop’.

It’s among the few official images we’ve seen from James Cameron’s sequel, which will arrive more than a decade after the first movie.

The movie has already been shooting in both New Zealand and its huge set at Manhattan Beach, California, since August 2017, with both Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 filming back to back.

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It wrapped its performance capture shoot this time last year, with the live-action sections beginning filming at the beginning of 2019.

Two more movies will make up the full five-movie arc, though Cameron has admitted that if the sequels don’t blow the doors off the box office, it could be a big ask to get it all made.

That said, producer John Landau said in February this year that Avatar 4 and 5 are ‘greenlit’, and that a chunk of Avatar 4 has been filmed too, though since Disney took over Fox this year, they now have a different set of paymasters to convince.

Little is currently known about where the movie’s plot is headed, but plenty of new stars have been added to the bill, alongside Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Giovanni Ribisi and Stephen Lang from the first movie.

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Among them are Game of Thrones star Oona Chaplin, Kate Winslet, David Thewlis, Michell Yeoh, Jermaine Clement and Edie Falco.

Per the sequel’s synopsis: “12 years after exploring Pandora and joining the Na’vi, Jake Sully has formed a family with Neytiri as they are wandering across the expansive world of Pandora, meeting new allies in the form of the Metkayina free-diving clan led by Tonowari (Cliff Curtis). Everything changes when the R.D.A. (Resources Development Administration) once again invade Pandora to finish what they started.”

It’s due for release in December, 2021.


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