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Ashley James unsure over sharing baby on social media as she reveals fears over posting too much online

Ashley James unsure over sharing baby on social media when he arrives (Picture: Getty/Instagram)

Ashley James is set to welcome her first child later this year and while fans will be eagerly waiting for that first baby picture, she admits she’s unsure over whether she wants to share her newborn on social media.

The DJ and influencer, 33, is expecting a baby boy with her boyfriend Tom Andrews and is due to give birth in January, early next year.

As she gears up for parenthood, there’s plenty of things Ashley is having to take into consideration – one of them being whether to post publicly about her son online.

Speaking exclusively to Metro.co.uk, Ashley revealed that she has concerns when it comes to her child’s safety online, both through her posting pictures on social media and when her son reaches an age where he wants to use the internet.

Asked if having a baby on the way has made her think differently about sharing that next chapter of her life so publicly, Ashley told us: ‘Yeah, definitely.

‘I’ve been looking into more about internet use and how to safeguard your internet, it’s going to be a while until he’s online… but I guess it is a concern for mums and mums-to-be.’

She continued: ‘I guess, I don’t really know how I feel about sharing him online until he is here.’

It’s something Ashley has gone to her friends for advice about, with the former Made In Chelsea star adding: ‘I was actually speaking to Connie Simmonds, she’s an influencer with a daughter, she has been told – it’s horrific – that a lot of pedophiles doctor images of children to sell them or whatever.

‘So even if you’re posting innocent pictures of your baby, especially if the baby is naked in a nappy, they can doctor that, so it’s definitely something I need to research myself and educate my audience. A lot of us don’t actually know who follows us and why, so it’s definitely something I’m going to be more mindful of.’

It’s not just baby content that Ashley is mindful of sharing, as she revealed she is fearful of posting too much online, at times, that could risk her privacy and see her targeted by criminals.

Ashley is expecting a baby boy with boyfriend Tom Andrews (Picture: Instagram)

It’s not unlikely – Kim Kardashian was targeted and robbed in her hotel room in Paris in 2016 and just recently Piers Morgan was burgled as he slept in his villa in St Tropez while on holiday.

‘Only share what your comfortable with online,’ Ashley advised. ‘There’s nothing that I do that I’m not comfortable with having a conversation with my friends about, there’s nothing that I overshare in areas that I’m not comfortable with.

‘The biggest lessons are like if you’re sharing your location in real time… and a lot of young celebrities and influencers will share all these material possessions, but you don’t know who’s paying attention to that and keeping an eye on their locations.’

‘We see it all the time with a lot of celebs, Piers Morgan got burgled in the French Riviera, Simon Cowell and people, when they do live TV, that’s when a lot of people get burgled,’ she pointed out. ‘For me that’s a big thing, if I’m travelling I need to be mindful that, if I’m going to post I’m away, there might be somebody who has found where you live because you’re not careful with your locations online.’

Ashley, who is an ambassador for digital security experts Kaspersky, revealed that 81% of people have moved something they used to do in person online, whether it be socialising, shopping or dating, but with that comes the potential risk of being hacked and your details no longer being secure.

While she’s now trying to improve her internet safety in all areas, Ashley says that she’s also trying to spend more time offline and ‘living in the moment’ – arguing that people can all too easily become wrapped up in their phones and social media.

‘I feel like it’s taken me a long time to get good boundaries with it. I try to live much more in the moment because I feel like for anyone, it can have a really negative impact if you spend too much time online – especially social media,’ she explained.

‘If my mental health isn’t in a good place, I know to avoid social media because as much as a positive place it can be, it can also be, if you’re in the wrong frame of mind, you can get sucked into a comparison where you’re looking at everyone else’s high life and you’re sat in bed eating crisps.’

Ashley revealed she fears posting too much online and is mindful not to jeopardise her privacy (Picture: Instagram)

Ashley continued: ‘I’m just careful to only go on when I’m in a good space. I have boundaries, I don’t share anything I’m not comfortable with and I only follow positive accounts.’

‘Follow people that make you feel good, anyone that makes you feel rubbish or negative – even if they’re your friends you can mute them, you don’t have to be as harsh as the unfollow button – it’s just about creating a positive space for yourself,’ she offered.

‘I try to separate my days and my nights, I try not to be on [social media] too much at night, either watch a film or go to bed and read – just being strict with realising that life exists offline too,’ she said, when asked how she gets that online/offline balance.

‘It’s so easy to get into a habit of scrolling, in the morning you pick up your phone and the next thing, 20 minutes or an hour has passed and I’m running late, but I know what every Kardashian has been doing,’ she joked.

‘I haven’t actually done anything that makes me feel good. It’s such a hard habit to break!’

Ashley James is an Ambassador for digital security experts Kaspersky.

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