Arsenal fans slam Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa after Nketiah blast – ‘Crying and moaning’

“I dont know why Bielsa is on Nketiah’s case. Eddie left, he left, deal with it. He should focus on his Leeds team falling apart again like last year,” said another Twitter user.

“Biesla should f*** off because we had an agreement before he took Nketiah to Leeds but he failed to stick/stand with the agreement & now ranting for we backing out of the deals. It’s our call & we can decide what we want for our academy player if it’s what will improve them,” said a Gunners supporter.

“It’s pretty obvious that Nketiah ability wise is the superior player having watched both of them. Bamford clearly suits Bielsa’s system much more than Eddie does though, the problem is that Bielsa is now making snide remarks when it was his choice to give Eddie less minutes,” tweeted an Arsenal fan.

Another supporter added: “We didnt send him to Leeds to sit on the bench 80 per cent of games. Might aswell sit on the bench here in that case, which is what seems to be happening now.”


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