Apex Legends’ first pro UK player Wacko on joining Penta, forming a team and leaving ‘stale’ PUBG behind

Yet another team has announced its commitment to the most hyped battle royale game of the moment: Apex Legends.

Penta Sports have acquired their own Apex Legends team consisting of UK’s Jack ‘Wacko’ Middleton, France’s Matthieu ‘Oraxe’ Ribiere and Germany’s Herman ‘Nesh’ Kobrin.

As a result, Wacko is officially the first UK player to be signed to compete in upcoming and potential Apex Legends esports tournaments.

Wacko and Oraxe officially retired from competitive PUBG, whilst Nesh became a free agent after departing British Hurricane in the Overwatch Contenders League in February.

Collectively, these players have played with the likes of G2 Esports, Vitality and Complexity.


“I look forward to the release of custom servers, grinding with my team, playing scrims and the development of a healthy competitive scene.”


It should be no surprise that Wacko has been chosen to join the team. His experience in competitive battle royale is evident, given he has spent most of his PUBG career with G2 Esports.

His transition into Apex Legends is going well, as he currently holds the world’s No.4 rank of most kills in a solo queue game.

However, not much is known about how Apex Legends will target esports.

Penta join the ranks of Gen G and Rogue, who have already finalised their Apex rosters.

Even more teams look to get in on the hype train as Fnatic, TSM, NRG and others are on the lookout for talent.

Surely it’s only a matter of time until Respawn and EA have something to say about their path into battle royale esports – and the tools to support it.

In the meantime, ESL has its own Apex Legends Twitter page and is running Open Cups.


Wacko on his new team and future aims

“I’m honestly super excited to compete in Apex,” Wacko told Esports News UK’s Craig Robinson.

“Right now the game doesn’t have custom servers, so the competitive side of things are quite lacklustre. The biggest tournaments as of yet revolve around killing inexperienced players in public games. The true competition will be when the custom servers are released.

“Presently, I can only look forward to the release of custom servers; everything else is up to pure speculation. I’m just looking forward to grinding with my team, playing scrims and the development of a healthy competitive scene.”

On joining Penta, he said: “Penta approached me to make a team for them. I was happy and extremely grateful for the opportunity to build a team from day one for such a well-established organisation. Picking up Oraxe was a no-brainer, he’s an extremely talented player with a great mindset. For the third spot on our roster it was a hard task, we trialled a lot of people but Nesh stood out from the pool of players.

“My team comes from a wide background of competitive FPS games. My background comes from the early days of Overwatch, competing throughout the year at a high level. I then moved on to my first battleroyale: PUBG.


“I quit PUBG after competing at the highest level for two years. The game became extremely stale and boring after investing over 5,000 hours.”


“I played a lot of PUBGOnline (the biggest league in the game at the time) and was noticed by Phantasy from G2 who approached me about joining the organisation. I quit after competing at the highest level for two years. The game became extremely stale and boring after investing over 5,000 hours.

“Oraxe competed in Battlefield 3 for two years competing under a well-established French organisation at the time called MythiX. After Battlefield 3 died down, he decided to move over to PUBG where he quickly rose to top playing for aAa and Vitality, becoming one of the most talented French players in the game for over two years. Oraxe decided to join me and move over to Apex and create a team from day one.

“Nesh came from a background in TF2; he competed in the game for almost three years. With the release of Overwatch he jumped on the hype train like many others. He made a name for himself playing with Complexity, Hammers Esports, British Hurricane and represented Germany in the Overwatch World Cup. He decided to make a move to Apex as he saw the potential of a growing competitive scene.

“I feel like Nesh could easily be one of the best players in the game. Oraxe and I will do our best to show Nesh the ropes of BR esports.”


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