Anti-vaxxer who gave out his phone number begs ‘idiots’ to stop calling him

A leading anti-vax campaigner who gave out his phone number at a rally in Toronto because “he has nothing to hide” is begging people to stop calling him. Christopher Saccoccia, also known as Chris Sky, told the rally he was sharing his number for “people of substance and resources” who “actually have a set of balls”. Just 48 hours later, he posted a video telling the thousands of “f***ing idiots” calling his phone asking “stupid f***ing questions” to leave him alone.

‘Oldest man who ever lived’ dies in Africa

A man who is thought to be the oldest man to have ever lived has passed away, at the ripe old age of 127. The family of Natabay Tinsiew, who died in the remote African village of Azefa, are calling on the Guinness World Records to officially recognise him as the oldest person to have ever lived. Church records show his birth certificate with the year of his baptism in 1894.

Computer games ‘help dogs avoid dementia’

Computer games can help keep dogs entertained and protect them from the onset of dementia, acording to a new study. It found that training dogs to play touchscreen video games can supplement or even replace more physically demanding exercise for older mutts, keeping them happy, healthy, and alert. Experts say it’s essential to train your dog’s brain along with their body.


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