Anthem PS4 crash UPDATE: EA working with Sony PlayStation following bricking reports

A new update has been provided over the issues of Anthem crashing PS4 consoles and reportedly causing hard reset for fans.

The problem was first noticed by gamers at the weekend and has led to some gamers being affected multiple times.

It appears this can lead to PS4 needing to be rebooted, with additional reports raising fears that it could brick a console.

The EA Help support account on Twitter made an announcement at the start of the week, revealing they were looking for help from fans to fix the problem.

And since then another report has been posted from BioWare, this time confirming they are working with Sony PlayStation to fix the issue.

Head of Live Service at BioWare, Chad Robertson, shared the latest news on the situation, telling fans on Twitter:

“We’re investigating reports of a rare crash w/ Anthem on PS4 that can cause a power-down of the console.

“May require a restart with the power button or unplugging the console first. Working closely w/ Sony and have engineers on it. Will update as we make progress on a fix.”

For now, we have no idea what is causing the problem on PS4 consoles, or how long it might take to fix it.

For those who might be wondering if they are being affected by the current Anthem crashing bug, here’s a detailed description of its effects on a PS4:

“The console powers down and will not power on using the normal method of pressing the PS4 button on the controller,” one gamer writes.

“It is the same as if someone pulled the plug without properly shutting the hardware down or if the power went out in the house. Sometimes the button on the front of the console works, other times I have to unplug the console then plug it back in.

“Once powered back on the console displays a warning about not being powered off properly and runs a disk check.

“Then once the OS loads it displays a system error reporting page to send the error to Sony. I do this each time.

“Sony should have data on this error from multiple users. Then I can press the controller button and sign back into the PS4.”

As mentioned above, it appears that this bug is only affecting a small group of Anthem players and is not widespread across PC and Xbox One.


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