Antarctica SHOCK: How scientists were STUNNED after discovering ‘COLOSSUS’ animal

Antarctica is the Earth’s southernmost continent, located on the South Pole, where temperatures reach up to -90C. Anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000 scientists reside there at various research facilities across the continent and the number of animals is scarce. Mites, nematodes, seals and penguins have all been spotted in the polar desert. 

However, one extinct animal discovered there left researchers scratching their heads.

David Walton, Professor at the British Antarctica Survey, revealed how a team uncovered an extinct species known as the Palaeeudyptes klekowskii or colossus penguin.

He told listeners on BBC’s Radio 4 “In our Time – Antarctica” how the extinct aquatic bird towered more than six feet in height.

He said in 2010: “As an ecologist, history is written in fossils.

“We know there were dinosaurs there and we know there were giant penguins too – 6ft tall in fact.

“We reconstructed a penguin from a single metatarsal that was found – it is amazing what you can do with one bone.

“So we know it was a much more interesting continent previously.”

The unearthed bones dated back 37 million years and new studies show the species could have measured almost twice the height of today’s emperor penguins.

It is believed the penguin could have weighed up to 19 stone, making it possible to dive deeper and stay underwater for longer. 

Scientist predicted the colossal penguin may have been able to hold its breath for up to 40 minutes – giving it time to hunt a wide variety of fish. 

Antarctica continues to pose questions over the history of the continent. 

It was previously revealed the US secretly launched three nuclear rockets from below the ice.

Before that, there were wild claims that Adolf Hitler ordered secret missions there ahead of an escape from Berlin during World War 2.


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